quality assurance


The seeds of TRASSET's Process Improvement Program were sown at the time of its inception in 1997 with Customer and process orientation at the core of TRASSET's value system. As TRASSET matured as a company, it became apparent that a formal process framework was essential to fully leverage our latent advantage in strengthening our management of complex customer and delivery structures TRASSET's commitment to quality is evidenced by its process orientation and perseverance for strict adherence to its process guidelines. We have undertaken several process improvement initiatives and recognized performance enhancement approaches to gain and sustain operational excellence. In pursuance to this corporate commitment, we have successfully been accessed at ISO 9001:2001."(View our ISO 9001:2001 certificate)" TRASSET follows a stringent adherence to Process by means of centralized templates and periodic compliance follow up. In continuation to our sustained focus towards achieving process maturity, we are planning to be assessed at SEI CMMI *TRASSET solution was audited by KPMG and Ernst & Young