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Corporate Strategy

The race for leadership is becoming increasingly difficult across all sectors and more so in the financial domain, which is undergoing a tumultuous unfurling of events, which is disrupting the best laid plans. Not only has the competition become bigger, stronger and innovative, also market forces have re-defined the rules, as,

  • Competitive advantages are short-lived, and
  • Present competitive advantages are competitive requirements for tomorrow
  • In order to sustain leadership and to create significant value for our clients, employees and stakeholders, we have evolved our strategy around our core strengths and then built a supporting eco-system around it. Our greatest strength and competitive edge is an excellent, functionally rich product suite, fully Shariah compliant, supporting Islamic and conventional products and instruments. We have leveraged our domain expertise and past experiences in building and offering an entire suite of financial services, which is being made available across the globe by means of our strategic alliances and partnership programs.
    In pursuance to our corporate commitment towards excellence and value system, our strategy is to re-affirm our focus on the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Over the past couple of years, we've enjoyed steady growth and a rising share of the market. It is thanks to our employees that we have been able to come so far, so fast. We strongly believe that the best way of preparing the organization for tomorrow is to invest in the best resource - our people - people who will take this organization into the future and hold the key in helping the company reach the lofty goals that it has set for itself.

  • Continuous Product Enhancement & Services up-gradation
  • TRASSET is fully committed to continue enhancing its suite of products & services. To pursue unrelenting quest for transformation, to seize opportunities and retain competitiveness, TRASSET invests a significant portion of net profit per annum on research and development in technology, business domain and Center of Excellence in pursuance of our corporate commitments of

  • Delivering World Class Product conforming to Industry Standards using the best practices but at the same time retaining flexibility to accommodate local requirements and customized work flows through an extremely efficient parameter driven setup and design.
  • Enabling easy implementation of our product suite within a short span of time and extending product expertise across the globe by means of our extended partnership network.
  • Rigorous Academic research is applied to the problems facing today's business and the results provide a series of strategic insights.
  • Ensuring Continuous improvements in our service offerings by investing in technology and business research.
  • Comprehensive & Exclusive Industry Focus
  • TRASSET offers comprehensive portfolio of products, IT services and consulting services exclusively to the financial services industry worldwide. TRASSET demonstrates a keen understanding of the business challenges faced by Banks and Financial Institutions, and skillfully leverages technology as an enabler to address these tough challenges. Apart from the software solutions, TRASSET also offers a portfolio of services through its professional services group to overcome these complex challenges and help achieve business objectives of banking and financial institutions.

  • Global coverage through strong committed partners
  • Our strategy is to have a comprehensive global coverage through a strong committed partner network. TRASSET's strategy is to expand and strengthen its business through sustainable partnerships, by doing so TRASSET aims to add value to its Customer base and shareholders.

  • Open future-proof platform within a rule-and-service framework
  • TRASSET, using unique blend of financial expertise and technology know how offers scalable and future-proof platform within a rule-and-service oriented framework that provides for rapid prototyping and deployment of new business products.
    We work in collaboration with universities and research institutes all over the world as well as with key customers in the financial arena and our technology partners.

    TRASSET as a strategic policy avoids usage of proprietary tools by using and supporting industry standard solutions, thereby protecting our customers' interest and making them vendor-independent