TRASSET is one of the leading international software solution providers for banks and financial institutions with headquarters in Milano, Italy and having offices across the globe. Trasset offers fully integrated solutions with maximum possible automation levels for Treasury, Asset Management and Corporate Banking. TRASSET is constantly evolving and renewing its programs and platforms to follow the most advanced technology allowing for Straight Through Processing, SOA compatibility, Multi-Platform, Scalability and Fault Tolerance Solutions. The parameterization level of the Trasset software and the already built-in multiple workflow possibilities combined with the expertise of the Trasset implementation team substantially reduces the time of implementation. All of the modules offered by TRASSET, with data migration, localization and go live support included can be completed within a maximum of three months. Our customer base continues to expand and currently includes such clients as ING Bank, AXA, Al Rajhi Bank, Allianz group, Raiffeisen group and Bank of China. Having more than 100 implementations in different financial institutions our software solutions manage assets worth billions of dollars. We have operations in over 15 countries spanning across Europe, United States, Asia and the Middle East. It is important to emphasize that the Trasset products fit the needs of the world’s largest banks, having the multi-entity, multi-language, multicultural, multi-time zone solutions in one integrated system. At the same time we have adaptive, flexible, scalable solutions for specialty clients. Our clients are:

  • Commercial banks using the TRASSET System for Treasury, Private Banking, Custodian services, Corporate Banking and Compulsory Reporting
  • Mutual Fund Managers with entire operation covered by Trasset System
  • Insurance Companies using the Trasset System for Asset Management
  • Pension Funds using the TRASSET System for Asset Management
  • Central Banks using the TRASSET System for Foreign Reserve Management and Monetary Policy operations
  • Governments using the TRASSET System for Government Debt Management and State Treasury Liquidity Management
  • Our expansion plans are to have worldwide coverage through our international office network and strong alliances with leading system integrators across the globe. Currently we are establishing our offices in Panama, Mexico and Malaysia. 2012 will see the additional movement of TRASSET into the Western Hemisphere including Canada, Central America and South America. Middle-East expansion will include Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman while in Far-East expansion will include China, Brunei and Singapore. Since its inception in 1997 TRASSET has remained faithful to its commitment to promote client satisfaction based on quality services provided by professionals.