Technology - Research & Development

The technology landscape is constantly changing. And in todays' world, functionality features alone is not sufficient to retain the competitive advantage, unless it is supported by technology. And technology is continuously evolving and it is of high importance that one needs to keep pace with it. At TRASSET, we embed synergy of top class innovation with cutting edge technology to deliver best solutions in the constantly changing world. TRASSET uses the right technology to expand and improve the quality and performance of its products and services. We continually upgrade our development and quality assurance processes by applying our competencies and methodologies to dramatically improve the performance, achieve greater flexibility, scalability and increased efficiency.


TRASSET suite of products are built on web based environment using the latest Oracle technology for Oracle Database, Oracle Internet Developer Suite, Oracle application server, Oracle BI ( Business Intelligence - the best user definable reporting tool) and Oracle BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). TRASSET provides fully integrated, robust solutions by,

  • Thin-client processing which is completely transparent and platform independent
  • Usage of browser technology (via Internet, Intranet or Extranet configurations)
  • Usage of all facilities and standards of J2EE technology
  • Combining expertise in technology with innovative thinking, TRASSET is working on its way to release the next version of its products on Oracle ADF - an end-to-end J2EE framework. Our main focus is to offer generic parameter driven solution to attain maximum flexibility while maintaining the robustness of design.

    Technology - the way ahead

    TRASSET invests a relevant percent of yearly profit on research and development in technology. TRASSET has been delivering reliable solutions with multi level (database, middleware and user) fast exchange of data (both internal and external) with highest levels of data security and accountability. TRASSET, using unique blend of financial expertise and technology know how offers scalable and future-proof platform within a rule-and-service oriented framework that provides for rapid prototyping and deployment of new business products. TRASSET as a strategic policy avoid usage of proprietary tools by using and supporting industry standard solutions, thereby protecting our customers' interest and making them vendor-independent