corporate banking

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking is undergoing a number of changes that will fundamentally alter the nature of wholesale banking. The expanding needs of large and medium size institutions for real-time information and access to sophisticated products and services at lower cost is driving the need for a diverse product. With this structural change, TRASSET's corporate banking system makes the difference in offering the perfect solution. TRASSET's Corporate Banking Solution is a unique world-class product having a functionally rich business model. Its revolutionary design and full workflow support allows fully integrated operations (real-time interaction between all areas of the bank - Retail, Corporate, Credit, Risk, Treasury, Investment, Finance, etc.). System capabilities are comprehensive. Virtually all classes of conventional and Islamic products are catered for, from loans to mortgage loans, leasing, project financing, while offering the full control of the client's financial situation through the credit application, limit and collateral and global customer position modules. It is enriched with multi currency, multi lingual and automated settlement features.

Modules supported

TRASSET Corporate Banking solution includes,

  • Fully integrated Credit Application module
  • Limit & collateral management
  • Corporate loans, mortgage loans and syndicated loans
  • Leasing (forward leasing, operating and financing leasing)
  • Factoring
  • Project Financing
  • Past due operations management
  • >
  • Eximbills Enterprise - World's No. 1 trade finance suite from China Systems
  • Customer Enterprise - Internet banking solution for trade finance from China Systems
  • Supports Islamic banking concepts of Bai Ajel, Tawarruq, Akaar, Eiraad, Ijara, Musharaka, Murabaha, Mudarabah and Sukuk
  • IRS - Mandatory Bank Report-Providing Solution, collecting data from every sub-system of the Bank, not only the TRASSET systems
  • Benefits

  • Lower TCO
  • The solution enables less resource intensive process capabilities handling higher business volumes without corresponding increase in cost.

  • Enhanced performance management
  • The solution is Oracle Business Intelligence ready and comes with a powerful integration framework empowering its unique data analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Flexibility & adaptability
  • Highly parameterizable solution empowers banks to exploit business opportunities with unprecedented flexibility. Its scalable framework allows the banks to meet challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow.

  • Increased productivity due to process automation capabilities
  • TRASSET System's workflow management engine automates business processes to a high degree. This high degree of automation enables customers not only to operate cost-effectively but also to concentrate on their core business Automated full-scale reporting is also covered through one system, which is able to automate the generation of the huge number of reports to be mandatorily sent to the supervisory authorities. Data are collected from each subsystem of the bank.

  • Reduced risk
  • The solution offers excellent accuracy with proper audit controls, validations and strong security. Provides a clear overview of the all the functions while enabling the customer focus on any aspect of their operation. TRASSET's Limit and Collateral Management, Credit Application processing and Past Due modules are fully automated and are rich in functionality, offering complete control and thus significantly reducing the risk to the bank. Accurate and complete understanding of risk enables the financial institution to control its positions and to competitively price its products. Credit risk includes comprehensive risk structures covering all products with full, real-time updating. A strong collateral system also supports collateralized lending For more information, Please download the Corporate Banking Brochure. *TRASSET solution was audited by KPMG and Ernst & Young