treasury solution

TRASSET Treasury System

TRASSET's Treasury System is the most technically advanced Treasury Solution available today. It combines the most comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture. TRASSET Treasury Solution provides front, middle and back office solution built on open technology platform, providing high scalability, flexibility and fully supporting an STP based activity. Treasury solution from TRASSET allows fully integrated operations between retail, corporate, credit, risk, investment and finance groups. It is designed to reduce operational risk and facilitating auditing and compliance. The solution can be integrated seamlessly with internal and external systems like payment gateways, core-banking systems running account management and the General Ledger. Modules supported: It enables trading with standard or specific instruments/transactions,

  • FX (spot and forward)
  • Money Market (interbank deposits, repos, FRA-s, banknotes)
  • Securities (Discount Bills, Notes, Fixed/Floating bonds, equities)
  • Standalone loans, revolving/non-revolving credit facilities
  • Derivatives (Futures, Forwards, Options, IRS, FRA, etc)
  • IRS - Mandatory Bank Report-Providing Solution, collecting data from every sub-system of the Bank, not only the TRASSET systems
  • Supports all of the Shariah compliant Islamic Instruments
  • TRASSET Treasury System supports unique Islamic Treasury requirements for

  • Murabaha - Islamic Interbank Placement
  • Tawarruq - Islamic Customer Placement
  • Mudaraba
  • Islamic Interbank Lending
  • Direct Investment
  • Islamic Syndication
  • Islamic SWAP
  • Islamic Forward
  • Profit rate SWAP
  • Sukuk
  • And More... Supported by

  • Real-time market information and instrument data downloads from Reuters, Bloomberg, optional unique web services or interfaces
  • Real-time position management
  • Centralized management of financial resource collection/placement
  • Real-time liquidity management with Loro and Nostro analytical account management and balance reconciliation, including liquidity and interest gap calculations
  • Settlements via SWIFT, local RTGS, clearing house systems
  • TRASSET's Treasury Solution is suitable for managing the treasury activities of

  • Commercial Banks (both conventional and Islamic)
  • Central Banks
  • Debt Management Agencies / Ministry of Finance
  • Large corporates
  • Benefits

  • Prudent Operations
  • What-if deal types are captured, and the system will automatically re-calculate the probable impact of the projected deals based on the most up-to-date market price information.

  • Lower TCO
  • The solution enables less resource intensive process capabilities handling higher business volumes without corresponding increase in cost.

  • Enhanced Performance Management
  • The solution is Oracle Business Intelligence ready and comes with a powerful integration framework empowering its unique data analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Highly parameterizable solution helps banks to exploit business opportunities with unprecedented flexibility. It enables clients and partners to independently create and implement new products and services within a very short timeframe. In a competitive market the ability to create and manage new products separates the winners from the losers.

  • Operational Efficiency - High Accuracy reduced risk
  • The STP processing, the Reuters conversations automatically captured and attached to the deal ticket are providing high accuracy and reduced risk. Automated full-scale reporting is also covered through one system, which is able to automate the generation of the huge number of reports to be mandatorily sent to the supervisory authorities. Data are collected from each subsystem of the bank. For more information, Please download the TRASSET Treasury System Brochure. *TRASSET solution was audited by KPMG and Ernst & Young