TRASSET banking solutions provide an integrated approach and effective framework, enabling banks and financial institutions to manage and address their strategic and operational priorities. TRASSET Solutions are built by bankers for bankers, managing the activities related to the conventional and Islamic Treasury, Investment and Corporate Banking. Our robust product features, modular and open architecture and integration of conventional and Islamic banking concepts makes us, one of the most comprehensive, flexible and scalable banking solutions and enabled us to retain our ranking as one of the top solutions provider in Central Europe. With more than a decade of development experience together with our service offerings, enabled our clients to maximize growth opportunities while minimizing the associated risks. We have a very rapidly growing customer base, which includes big institutions like ING Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, AXA, Allianz, Al Rajhi Bank etc. More than 100 Banking and financial Institution sites in 15 countries run on our suite of Banking and financial products, managing assets worth billions of Dollars. TRASSET Suite of Products

  • TRASSET Treasury System
  • TRASSET Asset Management and Investment Banking System
  • TRASSET Corporate Banking System
  • Key Business Benefits When our clients invest in a solution from TRASSET, they can be assured that they will have a background based on which they can:

  • Ensure business growth through efficient operations, lowered total cost of ownership, reduced time to market new products thus faster customer acquisitions
  • Our solutions represents a new meaning of efficiency and total cost of ownership, by enabling less resource intensive processes and thus enabling you to run a more effective organization, which means handle higher volumes of business without a corresponding increase in cost. We work with our clients to transform their operating model to a truly Straight Through Processing (STP) one, based on modern banking system architecture. Our software products enable the customers to manage any kind of business model, be it de-centralized regional / global operations or centralized regional / global operations, and to accommodate unlimited geographical expansion plans through its scalable, multi entity, multi time zone and high performance architecture.

  • Ensure flexibility & adaptability
  • Highly parameterizable solution helps banks to exploit business opportunities with unprecedented flexibility. Its scalable framework allows the banks to meet challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow. It enables clients and partners to independently create and implement new products and services within a very short timeframe. In a competitive market the ability to create and manage new products is a considerable advantage.

  • Ensure better risk management
  • Our products offer comprehensive audit controls, validations and strong security. It is highly configurable and scales easily to suit our clients' operations. By building in the ability for the client to upgrade to the latest release of the product, we have virtually eliminated the risk of our system ever becoming obsolete.

  • Enhanced decision making & performance management
  • The solution is Oracle Business Intelligence ready and comes with a powerful integration framework empowering its unique data analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Ensure investment protection
  • The strategic policy of TRASSET is to avoid usage of proprietary tools by using and supporting industry standard solutions, thereby protecting our customers' interest and making them vendor-independent. The use of open standards in the development of our software ensures our clients can evolve their technology infrastructure without changing the core application. This means that you benefit from greater flexibility and reduced risk. For more information, Please download the Product Overview Brochure *TRASSET solution was audited by KPMG and Ernst & Young