islamic banking - overview

Islamic Banking

Overview In today's world, emerging institutions, armed with the new found agility offered by the latest banking solutions are attracting customers away from the established players. These new markets are moving towards the Islamic banking practice not because of the religious imperatives but due to the positive 'risk-reward' expected pay-offs. While the rest of the world has recently woken up to this increasing relevance of Islamic Banking, TRASSET had already invested and incorporated its expertise in making its entire suit of products, fully Shariah Compliant, namely,

  • TRASSET Treasury Solutions
  • TRASSET Asset Management Solutions
  • TRASSET Corporate Banking
  • while enabling the co-existence of Islamic banking and conventional banking on the same platform. Our range of products supports the unique requirements of Islamic banking concepts like,

  • Akaar
  • Eiraad
  • Murabaha
  • Musharaka
  • Ijara
  • Bai Ajel
  • Tawarruq
  • Islamic Interbank Lending
  • Mudharaba
  • Sukuk
  • Islamic Syndication
  • Progress Payment Certificate / Project Financing
  • Direct Investment
  • Islamic SWAP
  • Islamic Forward
  • Profit rate SWAP
  • In addition, our solution offers the following benefits,

  • Compliance: fully compliant with Shariah laws
  • Support for Islamic accounting
  • Enables Islamic treasury activities
  • Shariah compliant Islamic instruments
  • Multi-currency and automated settlements
  • Full Shariah compliant automated workflow management
  • Automated straight through processing (STP)
  • Real time customer position with limit control
  • Multi-lingual support - Screens & reports in local language (including Arabic)
  • TRASSET Islamic banking solutions allows you to overcome the challenges arising out of

  • Shortage of Islamic banking experts
  • Need for standard accounting and auditing practices across geographies
  • Lack of uniformity in product design
  • Shortage of Islamic instruments to cater to the investing community

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